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Oxford Alabama Success Story

Oxford is one proud place when it comes to providing easy access for people in the South and for the foreigners who live in the place or just happens to be in town for vacation or business. Oxford businessmen provide people with easy access to the most important things to even the less important things.

ON LIVING IN OXFORD, ALABAMA from Dateline Alabama on Vimeo.

One of the most accessible places in Oxford are the restaurants. A lot of restaurants and cafes and diners can be seen almost anywhere within the area, especially near places where other forms of business are in action.

I for one, own a restaurant here in Oxford, and I must say, I am very happy that I am in the right place doing the right business. Because of the fast life that people here are living, restaurants come in very handy for everyone, thus making it a great business.

We serve breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, and not an hour goes by without at least 5 customers are inside our restaurant. We are especially filled during breaks and people keep on coming even for our coffee.

Because of this patronage by customers, we make sure that we always give our best foot forward in every dish and drink that we serve. We do not want to lose customers because of poor food reviews and we most certainly don’t want to lose customers over bad feedback on our waiters and cooks, so we also make sure that everyone in the restaurant has their eyes set on the goal to serve with quality, punctuality and politeness.

Another thing we always keep intact is our restaurant building. We make sure that it is always in best condition and we make sure to clean after everything, so that the place will always look neat and comfortable, enough to make the customers always come back for more and for them to feel relaxed and at peace whenever they are inside our restaurant. After all, Oxford is a place filled with lots of restaurants and that means a lot of competition.

With years of dedication, I was able to save up and not only did I expand my restaurant, I was also able to choose a decent house from the list of homes for sale in Oxford AL that a good realtor friend was able show me. I was so happy that checking out the list made me say that I really have reached a new level of success, especially because I saw that I can afford almost every house. It is a rare thing to be choosing a home without the need to consider your finances. What remains was for me to choose the home that I would really want to live in.

Indeed, Oxford has the best of everything, and I am happy that I am one of the many people that makes Oxford the place to be for everyone.

Life Of An Apple Addict: Discovering How To Unlock iPhone Gadgets

Life of an Apple Addict

And no, I do not mean that fresh, healthy fruit of an Apple.

I am talking about being addicted to Apple Technology – a technology brand that has taken people’s addiction to gadgets to the next level.

Maximize iPhone gadgets by discovering how to unlock iPhone for better use

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I won’t write about one specific biography this time, but I will write about most of Apple users. I use “most,” because there are still people who use Apple with great purpose, and not just as a form of statement or addiction.

It does not take experts to see that some Apple users are very obsessed with their gadgets, but not in the way you would obsess about other things. Normally, when we say obsess, we make sure we keep it with us for the longest time we can. However, with Apple products, especially iPhones, you are obsessed when you want to always get the newest version, even when your current version is still well and functional.

When the release of a new Apple product is made, people line up the stores, hours earlier. They are willing to camp out and endure the heat or the cold, just to be able to brag that they are one of the first people to get their hands on the newest of Apple products.

Is it necessary to always have the newest iPhone? No, not really. But it is of course, the consumer’s choice if they want to do just that.

There are ways you can maximize your iPhone without the need to always buy the newest one. Apple provides software updates so that even when you have an older iPhone version, you can still avail of the latest apps and programs that will keep you as updated as other users are. All you have to do is look for the right information on how to maximize your current iPhone gadget.

For one, you can check out this site about how to unlock iPhones, not just so you know how it would be possible for you to change provider, but also to learn what things can and cannot be done, when it comes to iPhone Unlocking.

Another thing you can improve on, using only your current iPhone gadget, is software. This one, you do not have to look anywhere else, because when the update is available, the gadget would automatically notify you. What you can search for instead, are reviews on what the latest iOS updates offer. This way, you will know if you need to update or not. Updating is not mandatory, you have the choice to do it or not. You are the user, you should be able to decide if you like the changes they offer or not.

You can also look for ways to fix bugs in your phone, if ever you encounter them. Replacing it should not be the immediate solution because chances are, those bugs could still occur even with the latest model.

There is nothing wrong with being a fanatic over a product. That is a right we should respect, and I do respect those that put up time, effort and money, in order to get the gadget they want. These are just but things you can take into reconsideration, especially if you would come to the realization that it’s not always about what’s new, but what’s most useful to you.





Perks Of Having Water Heaters In Your Home

Thank You, Water Heaters

Some things are better warm than cold. It is a thought that lingers in those early mornings especially when there’s already a slight decrease of temperature. I was not conditioned to turn the switch for a cold shower although it is known to be much healthier, that it can have ways of supercharging the body and strengthening the immune system. But I refuse to give up the warm showers because they feel too good. I have always considered water heaters to be one of the essential amenities in a home. In a household where there are small children, my wife, more than anyone, highly appreciates the convenience, comfort and labor-saving that a water heater brings to the home. Boiling water in the stove before taking the kids to a warm bath, a task that may take fifteen minutes, has been a thing in the past. With the convenience of the water heater, she just needs to turn it on and after a few seconds, the kids can take a hot shower. We usually set the thermostat on our hot water heater to below 120F (48.9C). We always test the water temperature before our children get into the tub then we aim for bath water around 100F (38C). Sometimes it is very difficult to monitor the degree of heat, so much that if one is not careful, one might end up being burned in the shower. This amenity, however, served my purpose and I would just like to overlook these little inconveniences.

Safe water is also a priority in our household. Since we have children at home, we need to make sure that our water supply is clean and well-managed. We encountered a water heater issue last year during winter season. One day, I was shocked to see the discolored hot water coming out from our faucet. It was rusty in color. I assumed that my electric heater was corroded or maybe the tank got rusty. My wife was also a bit worried and stressed out for the household’s routine was disrupted for a day. We ended up calling for the service men to come and fix the heater. The first thing they checked was the tubing or the water source. They got to see a thick layer of rusty sediment sitting at the bottom of the water heater that started to build up. It was too worrisome for us because we all know that rusts are inedible elements and can cause health problems if taken orally or inhaled. If this event happens, one really has to change the tubing to ensure safe water resources.

Good thing the service team that came to our rescue are experts, and they knew exactly how to handle the situation with ease. It was not too much on our pockets, either, considering that they did a great job with the repairs.

Water heaters are a great part of our everyday lives now, and from the experience we just had, we have learned to value it more than ever.

Water Damage

The other day my real good friend Dave stopped by just to talk. It has been awhile since we last have spoke so it was nice to see my old friend. We have known each other for many years. Dave was born and raised in Texas. He has a huge family still out in the Dallas area. He went to college there then after he graduated he joined the military. He served in the army for 20 years. He is a retired major. So you can imagine that he has many stories from his military past. Also in the army he was a MP. After the military life, he became a drug abuse counselor. So you can tell that Dave is a very successful person. He also is married and has two boys. His oldest son became a police officer and the other one became a teacher/coach.

Well, Dave has his own condo near the beach. It is where he and his family always goes for their vacations. He also has given us a great deal on the condo in the past. It is a beautiful place to visit. He was telling me about the water damage that happened. It happened when a hurricane past through the beach town one August. He was telling me that he needed to find a mold removal company fast. He just did not know what direction to take. He knew that he had to act fast because he did not want everything in the condo to be ruined. So he found a water damage  company near his condo.

He was really happy with the company that did his mold remediation services. He said that the work that they did for him was the best he had ever seen. The owner of webpal Jon Madrigal was really nice, good looking, and super funny. He said that they were always going to be the ones he calls for mold or water damage work for him. He was real worried about all of his belongings there to be ruined. People do not ever want any of their values to get destroyed. Whenever you have any kind of mold damage it can happen very easily. Dave was very lucky compared to most people around him, though. He was able to salvage all of his valuables.


Helping The Poor When You Don’t Have Much Cash To Spare

A lot of the stories reported in the media about charities managing to raise large sums of money in donations are very uplifting and even when you only have a few Dollars to spare this can make a difference in numbers.

But there are many people, especially young families that are struggling at the best of times with their own finances, so making cash donations is often quite a big thing to ask. However, I firmly believe that even families with little or no spare cash can make a huge difference in the lives of poor families and in this post I want to highlight some ideas I have come across in some of my local charity work.


Give Away Stuff You No Longer Need

Every parent will know how many different things you need to buy from the moment a baby arrives. Each step of the way there are new expenses and they quickly mount up to large sums of money. Clothes alone are constantly outgrown and toys quickly become looked at as something outdated.

For a struggling family this is a constant uphill battle to keep babies, toddler and older children properly clothed and cared for. One thing I did as my kids were growing older was to reach out to local charities and churches that were collecting to help poor families.

For example, as my kids outgrew the double stroller for toddler and baby that had served us so well for so long, we donated it to a local charity and they found it a new deserving home.

We did the same with things like a baby monitor and sterilizer which had just been gathering dust in our garage. All these kind of things are must have, but do cost quite a bit of money. For us they no longer served a purpose and since we didn’t know anyone that needed them we simply decided to give them away.

The same can be done with baby and children’s clothes. I think we were holding on to them for sentimental reasons. But when we saw how many bags of clothes we had actually accumulated it was evidently clear that some other families would greatly benefit from them.


Find A Local Charity

At first we thought this might be the more difficult task but it was pleasantly easy. Every state and county keeps an index of registered charities and in most cases the names give a very good indication of what they do. Pick up the phone and call a few of them to see what they do, who they work with and whether they have a need for the stuff you no longer need.

This took me 10 minutes of time and I then simply loaded up the car and met one of the volunteers. When they saw how much stuff I was bringing their eyes lit up and they invited me to meet some of the recipients who were volunteering their time. It really was a great experience to know firsthand that all our donations were well received and put to great use.


How I Quit Smoking


I have been a smoker for over 24 years. My dad has smoked ever since he was just 15, and his dad smoked since god knows when, right before he passed because of smoking related issues. My dad is headed down the exact same path, with massive circulatory issues and brain aneurism problems in no part due to his smoking for over 45 years.

It’s time for me to stop smoking!

I have tried everything under the sun, and the most successful thing was Chantix, which to my surprise worked pretty well for a good while. I was able to stop smoking for a few months at a time, and then stressful things would happened which would raise my stress level causing me to go back to what I’m always used to, and that’s smoking.

Many people know that smoking is really bad for you as well as very expensive, and with the harsh laws, its very inconvenient for a smoker to smoke nowadays.

I’m not here to tell people what to do or lecture you about how bad smoking is and how you should quit. That is a decision you will have to decide on your won.

What I am here for is to share with you my personal experiences with vaporizers, or sometimes also called e-cig. E-cig can be a bit misleading because you are inhaling vapor and not smoke like most would think. In fact, the only thing an e-cig and a real cigarette have in common is the inhale and the nicotine itself. Other then those two things, e-cigs are totally different.

The type of e-cig that helped me the most, and the one I’ll be talking about here is the refillable ones, and not the disposable ones, because most disposables are not good and very bad to start with.

A good rule of thumb when choosing your first e-cig is, if it’s shaped like a normal cigarette, its probably not a good idea to buy it. None of those types of c-cig wil give you the same throat hit, as a normal cigarette would. I first made the mistake of buying an e-cig from your local drug store. The ones that tries to look like an analog one

My advice when you are choosing an e-juice to start with, do some research first and read reviews on what are one of the best to start with. My taste buds are different then yours so its best to vist your local vape shop so you can test them first before buying them. One thing to know is that, most e-juices are usually clear, but you’ll see some that do have some coloring. For me personally I would stay away from those, because artificial coloring are used to get that color. So I tend to stay away from those, but again that’s my preference.

How you decide to quit is really up to you. Some people start by using an e-cig combined with analog cigarettes at first, and slowly stop using the analogs. Some say going cold turkey right into e-cigs are the way to go. Which ever path, quitting is your main goal!


To Survive and Thrive the Healthy Life

One place I always love visiting is the southeastern part of the United States. The scenery is so beautiful there and the  people are always so friendly. There is just something about seeing the beautiful Smoky Mountains or the awesome beaches. My favorite of the two are the mountains, though. I just love being in the woods and the peace that it brings with it. This last time I was in Tennesse, I met a wonder gentleman named Adam. He was a very short man but very stocky fellow. We ran into each other while I was hiking in the woods. I was so shocked to see him when we came across from each other. He was so friendly and we started talking immediately. We talked for about 30 minutes then he invited me back to his cabin to have a bite of food. I have to admit I was so excited about getting to eat some mountain food. I was sure I was going to be in for a treat.

He lived in a beautiful log cabin that he said he made by hand all by himself. I offered to help him cook and he politely said no. He cooked some fresh fish, deer, and vegetables that he just go out of his garden. I have to admit that it was one the best meals that I have eaten in awhile.

Once we got done eating, he made us both a cup of coffee. After our stomachs settled he then invited to show me to his barn. I did not know he had one. I thought he had everything he needed right here. I know that I would have just been happy with just the cabin myself. It was just a quick walk down a trail just outside his home. It took maybe five minutes for us to walk there. 

The barn was so nice and much bigger than I expected it to be. I was shocked to see what was inside his barn, though. It was not what I expected. It was like his own commercial gym! I see why he looked so in shape. He had weights and an awesome looking treadmill. I asked him about the treadmill and running outside. He said that he did a lot of research between the two at He said he learned all that he needed from there. Every question that he had was answered once he read over their knowledge of everything. He told me he based all his training from what he learned from them.

Saying Thank You to An Anniston Criminal Lawyer


In the world today, there are more and more cases of crime because of the rise of technology. A lot of people would ask how these works of technology changed the system of the world and there is one answer that could shock a lot of people. Technology can influence a person’s mind either to do good or bad. There are plenty of incidents that had happened in the past where technology influenced the criminal act of the person guilty.

The Story About Michael

Michael is a working student in one of the schools in Anniston. He is the 6th child of unemployed parents and he had no choice left but to strive all his way to go to school. He works at night as one of staff members of a computer shop in Anniston. His job is to monitor the number of customers that get inside the computer shop and use their computers. He is also responsible for getting the payment of their customers once they are done using the computers.

Michael’s Routine At Night

During his hours on duty, the customers are usually going to the computer shop to play online games such as Counter Strike, Diablo and War craft. Most of these games are available in the shop where Michael is working. Most of their customers are addicted to online games and they spend most of their hours in the computer shop to play with groups. They do battle games where every group plays to win. This is the regular routine of Michael at work.


One night, Michael got inside the computer shop to start his shift at 8pm. He was confused because he can’t seem to find the staff member that he should replace at that time. He heard loud noises and shouting. He was terrified and has he checked one of the cubicles, there was one guy holding a gun and pointed the gun to him. The guy was known to be a regular computer gamer in the shop. He usually wins in the battle, but at that time, he was the loser. He got emotional from losing the game, so he got his gun and pointed the gun to all his opponents, but they got the chance to run as fast as they could. Michael was left there with the gun pointed at him by one guy. He was shocked, but he tried to run. As he was about to run, the guy shot him twice in his arms. After he was shot, the guy run away.

How it Ended

criminal-lawMichael survived from the incident and was helped by once concerned criminal attorney who knew nothing about him. The lawyer just saw him from the location where the crime happened and swore to Michael that he will help him survive and live the life he deserves.

Most lawyers from Sides, Oglesby, Held, Dick, Stephens & Clay LLC are helpful to those who are victims of crime. Just like lawyers from, they sincerely want to lift up the lives of crime victims. If you want to help more crime victims get justice, you can call for help at 256-236-2544. Inspire people and make a difference.

Reaching Success In The Botox Business Through A Proper Hosted PBX

Success Story In The Field Of Botox Thanks To A Great Hosted PBX Provider

Even Businesses in Beauty Will Succeed If Powered By Great Hosted PBX

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All things have come to a revolution, thanks to science and technology and man’s desire to improve everyday living. Beauty and cosmetics has taken part in this revolution, providing the continuous innovations in healthcare and beauty for those who understand and believe in the value of a beautiful physical state. The greatest revolution there is in the field of beauty is plastic surgery. However, there are less expensive and less controversial means to achieve a prettier face, one of which is through the use of botox.

This type of facial treatment is a choice one could make over derma fillers. Although both are achieved through injections and are simpler and greater methods than plastic surgery, botox is preferred by more people because not only is it used to get rid of those wrinkles that make you look old, it also helps in stopping excessive sweating, usually experienced in the underarms, palms and foreheads.

Because this is a booming industry, a friend of mine decided to to invest in it. With her hard work, dedication, and desire to always provide quality service, she made it as one of the most sought after botox clinics in our hometown.

She placed quality first before any other factor, that is why she made sure she had the best products, best doctors, best employees, and, not to be missed out, the best Hosted PBX provider.

Why is the last one important? As I have mentioned, this is an era of technology, and no technology can move forward without the Internet. And as it goes, there is also quality factors in choosing a provider, that is why my friend got the best – AT&T hosted PBX system. The name of this tech giant speaks for itself. I do not have to elaborate on why it’s one of the best, right?

Whereas, if I mentioned the provider Comptel, perhaps, then I might need some explaining (just visit for that). That’s because quality makes a name for itself, just like AT&T and just like my friend and her clinic.

Success comes to you when you plan it carefully, and you offer it in great quality.


Smoking Hot Companies to Invest In

Tom Holloway turned his e-cig on, but instead of just getting nicotine from his e-liquid. The device he was using exploded right in his mouth, leaving him with very bad second degree burns and with that knocking his two from teeth clear off.

While visiting a friend in Niceville, FL, he told me about Tom and introduced me to him. I got to talk to him about his ordeal and it prompted me to investigate. I came across some excellent info regarding ecigs and their popularity.

If e-cig companies can somehow correct these types of issues and investors can somehow get past these incidents, they’ll find that e-cig sales has been exploding since 2010. Euromonitor shows that the sales value of ecig worldwide for 2014 at 3.5 billion. Wells Fargo estimates that will go pass 12 billion by 2018 and Bloomberg projects ecig sales will pass analog cigarettes by 2049.

The popularity of ecig devices can be credited to the younger generation. According to a CDC ( Centers for Disease Control ) report, schools all over the country are seeing more and more ecig usage, and teachers are having issues creating policies to fight against their use. With very little regulation on advertising and sales, e-cig is marketed as a safer and healthier alternative to analog cigarettes that comes in many different flavors like strawberry, caramel and chocolate.

As the efforts to regulate ecig increases, it’s most likely that a stricter regulation is coming. The stricter regulation will eventually force many current electronic cigarette companies to go out of business, because of their lack of resources to follow their rules. This will leave the market wide open to bigger companies like Big Tobacco. The following companies below will have the cash follow to drive their e-cig revenue up. So it might be a good time to start buying stocks from them now.

philip-morris-internationalPhillip Morris International ( PM ) on Nov 20th announced they are going to enter in the e-cig market in the second half of 2015. The company has already increased its dividends 107% and repurchased 28% of the companies outstanding shares since splitting up from Altria in 2007. Phillip Morris will strive to be aggressive in their return of capital to their shareholders during the last quarter of 2015. As their stock has a 4.3 dividend yield.



imagesBritish American Tobacco ( BTI ) also trades under ( ADR’s) American Depository Receipts, launched its own line of e-cig called Vype e-cigarette, which are currently available online and will be expanding into retail outlets very soon. They will repurchase 1.9 billion of their own shares in 2014. British American also have a 43% stake in ( RAI ) Reynolds American which is valued at 11.8 billion dollars. They also have launched their own e-cig called VUSE in Colorado and they’ll be expanding across the US. The Current Dividend yield of BTI is 2.8%

It is too late to do more research into these companies stock as the electronic cigarette industry is still pretty young.