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Here is a story about a young woman, worthy of recognition for her anonymous, selfless and heart-warming acts of kindness for people she does not know.

Her name is Lina Davidson and she was in her final year in college when they were given a final project for their Sociology class to study an organization of their choosing. While choosing for an organization to study on, she came across a dengue outbreak situation in a rural place in Africa. She was greatly moved and worried for the affected people, especially for the old people and the children. As she continue to search for updates on the case, she found out that Red Cross is going to the place for a medical mission, as well as to provide donations of blood for those affected by the disease.

After reading through all the information she needed, she sought out for the organization and said she would like to go on the trip and help out with the mission. The timing was perfect because it will be during her writing break for her final papers. Beyond getting authentic data for her paper, she will also be helping people. Even when she does not know these people, it felt like it would be very wrong if she did not make any efforts to help them personally. She feels that she found out about their situation for a reason, and that reason was to help, even in the littlest of ways.

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While she was there, she found out that the reason for the outbreak was an unmanned site near the area that has been hosting mosquitoes because of the stagnant waters caught up in the nooks and cranny of the place.

Together with the local folks who were fortunate not to get the disease, she helped in cleaning out the area and they all made sure that no place can cause stagnant waters, as this is the primary place for dengue mosquitoes to multiple.

The whole week, Lina forgot about her final paper and just focused on helping others. She was so caught up in the moment, so happy with what she braved to do – leave the comforts of her home and help people she could just easily ignore if she wanted to.

The mission saved a lot of lives and Lina felt so happy that she was part of such a heroic mission. When they were all getting ready to go back to Alabama, a member of the organization, together with one of the children that they were able to save from the hands of death, came up to her and gave her a CD.

In it is a documentary showing how Lina worked very hard to help the people. The people from the charity knew that she was supposedly in the mission for a paper but she has been neglecting that due to her focus on the work. That is why they gave her a copy of the documentary as a substitute for her paper.

Lina was really moved. Who would have thought that in a short span of time, she has met people who were willing to take great heights to help her, as much as she took the risk to help them.

Her story shows us all that we should be brave enough to get out there and help because small acts of bravery can go a long way, and could even save lives.