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A successful business is a good story to tell. But the story of the man behind a business’ success is more than a good story, it is inspiring. And more often than not, the most successful businessmen are the ones who avoid too much attention and media, not wanting to bring to hype their success in the hopes of still being able to experience a normal life. An example of this man with of low profile but of great success is a man named Matty Skeene.


The success story started with his birth in Minnesota and his growth to adulthood in Alabama. His father was a popcorn vendor while his mother was a homemaker. His college degree, he got from Minnesota State University and his doctorate from the same university as well. He is currently married to his second wife, Marsha Skeene. His previous marriage was with a woman named Jane who he divorced in 1994. Now he is happily married with two children and a granddaughter.


In his early years, he joined a company that was in the homebuilding business. This Homebuilding Company founded in 1957 had its headquarters, up to the present, at Alabama. It is the one of the many home builder companies that got the chance to be traded in the New York Stock Exchange. In this company, Matty found the growth and potential he needed to rise and climb higher in the corporate ladder, until finally, he became CEO of the said company.

He gave the company the dedication and hard work that it needed in order for it to become a successful business. A lot of people dream of reaching the position that he has today, yet more often than not, people do not put into action their dreams. The sad part is, when other people get to where they want, jealousy gets the better of them and try to pull the successful down.

This was also the case for Matty but he never gave those people what they wanted. Instead, he used them to be his inspiration to make sure he never fails. People who wish for your failure should not be given that satisfaction because they will only become more hateful of the world they live in. Instead, they should be given help.

Matty’s life is nowhere near easy, especially because a business depends of him so much. However, because of his loving family, the care and dedication of his employees, and the support of the people who gave him the CEO position, Matty is more than happy to continue serving them until the time for him to step down comes. He is more than happy that things are still working out for the greater good of the people who support him.