I spent about a week in Atlanta earlier this year. If you like the big city and southern heritage then this is the place for you. I always enjoy my visits to the south and I love Atlanta. There is so much to do around there. You do not have to be in the city to find something to do. There are a lot of things to get into outside of the big city. If you are a health nut and try to watch every little thing that you eat, then the south may cause you some problems. They love their fried food and sweet tea there. I have to admit that I love all that myself! Also, they have some very friendly people there too. You still have your hardcore city folk around, but some still act like true southerners. That is what makes Atlanta a great city to visit is that you will get all types of people there. I always enjoy talking to the locals where ever I go and visit.

I was sitting at a little diner eating some bread pudding one afternoon. I was reading a financial magazine and a very friendly fellow walked by. He just commented on my magazine of choice and who was on the cover. I have never heard of the guy, but his first name was Cole. I was reading an article about him in the magazine and all his success that he has had in the accounting industry. The random guy that I was talking to introduced himself as Cole and he said that he was the individual that I was reading about. He said that he works for one of the top accounting firms in the United States. Everything that I had read in the magazine he was telling me about himself. I could not believe that such a successful person was here eating bread pudding with me discussing my magazine.

He then began to tell me some of the different strategies that he has used in his industry. It sounded very risky, but it has always worked for him. He said that he was so successful that he had the big 4 accounting firms bidding on him. I was in shock! I would not know how to act if I had so many big people wanting to hire me. He said it was a hard choice but all he did was pray about a few days and the choice was easy to make. He said really as a business perspective that he could not have done wrong with either of the big four.