One place I always love visiting is the southeastern part of the United States. The scenery is so beautiful there and the  people are always so friendly.

There is just something about seeing the beautiful Smoky Mountains or the awesome beaches. My favorite of the two are the mountains, though. I just love being in the woods and the peace that it brings with it. This last time I was in Tennesse, I met a wonder gentleman named Adam. He was a very short man but very stocky fellow. We ran into each other while I was hiking in the woods. I was so shocked to see him when we came across from each other. He was so friendly and we started talking immediately. We talked for about 30 minutes then he invited me back to his cabin to have a bite of food. I have to admit I was so excited about getting to eat some mountain food. I was sure I was going to be in for a treat.

He lived in a beautiful log cabin that he said he made by hand all by himself. I offered to help him cook and he politely said no. He cooked some fresh fish, deer, and vegetables that he just go out of his garden. I have to admit that it was one the best meals that I have eaten in awhile.

Once we got done eating, he made us both a cup of coffee. After our stomachs settled he then invited to show me to his barn. I did not know he had one. I thought he had everything he needed right here. I know that I would have just been happy with just the cabin myself. It was just a quick walk down a trail just outside his home. It took maybe five minutes for us to walk there. 

The barn was so nice and much bigger than I expected it to be. I was shocked to see what was inside his barn, though. It was not what I expected. It was like his own commercial gym! I see why he looked so in shape. He had weights and an awesome looking treadmill. I asked him about the treadmill and running outside. He said that he did a lot of research online and from asking friends. He said he learned all that he needed from there. Every question that he had was answered once he read over their knowledge of everything. He told me he based all his training from what he learned from them.