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3 Items That Helped Me Survive My First Extended Travel to an Arid Region - Rick's Travel and Biographies

3 Items That Helped Me Survive My First Extended Travel to an Arid Region


Traveling is fun; take it from someone who has spent the last three years of his life touring some of the most exotic destinations in the world. You get to meet new people, discover different exciting cultures, and experience several life-changing moments. However, a few things contribute to the success of a trip, and even a journey to the most thrilling destination in the world can go wrong without them. One of such factors is your vacation packing list.

If you’re going on an extended trip to a city that’s thousands of miles away from the country where you live, you don’t want to leave behind any of your travel essentials, especially if it’s a region with weather conditions you’re not used to, like deserts, for example. Generally, I advise that people spend as much time going over their packing list for a journey as they do planning exciting vacation spots to visit. This way, they don’t arrive at their destination and find out they’ve left something crucial behind.

This article will focus on three essential items you need to carry along with you if you’re going on an extended trip to an arid region. I curated this checklist from my trip to Africa last year, and everything in this blog post made getting used to the strange climate a lot easier. Here’s what I’ve got for you:

1.  A Water Softener System

Water is hard to come by in desert regions, and when you eventually find a source, it’s usually hard water, and we all know the effect hard water has on our skin and clothes. As such, a water softener system is an essential item to take on your trip to a country with an arid climate.

Of course, a water softener system doesn’t seem like the handiest equipment to carry around, and some people would love to travel as light as possible. Fortunately, some water softener systems are pretty portable and easy to install. You can opt for any of these to avoid the stress of a bulky suitcase.

2.  Sunscreen

Everyone knows desert regions are extremely hot. Yet, so many people still forget to pack some sunscreen when they make trips to dry countries. If you plan on traveling to an arid country, you need to brace yourself for the extra sunny days, and sunscreen is one of the critical ways to do that.

However, not just any kind of sunscreen will do. Depending on your skin type, you may want to get at least an SPF 15 Sunscreen. Also, remember to apply it often. Pack a few extras, as well, because, as I said, many people forget to bring one along, so you may have to share.

3.  First Aid Kit

You never know what might happen during an overseas trip, especially when your journey might involve adventurous activities like hiking or mountain climbing. That’s why it’s crucial to be extra prepared. One way to prepare yourself beforehand for health emergencies is to pack a first aid kit along with you.

If you’re traveling with family or friends, you may need to pack some extra medical supplies for everybody. Some of the items that should be a part of your first aid kit include bandages, adhesives, throat lozenges, multivitamins, a thermometer, insect repellent, pain and fever pills, and any vaccinations that are specific to the country you’re visiting. If you have any allergies or personal medications, you should take them along, as well. Remind members of your traveling crew to do the same too.


Travelling is one of the most thrilling adventures you can take. There’s so much to see, learn, and experience. However, failing to prepare adequately for your trip by packing all the essentials can ruin it. Before traveling, you need to make sure you have everything you need to help you adapt to the new environment. For your trip to a desert region, you’ll need some sunscreen for protection against the harsh sun, a water softener system for the hard water, and a first aid kit to help you stay healthy throughout your vacation. Also, always do some extra checks to make sure you have everything else you need. Finally, if you’re traveling with a crew, ensure they pack all the basics, as well.


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