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FAQs - Rick's Travel and Biographies




There are various processes involved when picking the stories we share on this platform, and our team handles that. However, the first requirement is that it must be authentic. We aren’t looking for fiction, and thus, we must verify each one before considering it. Also, we like to interview or at least get in contact with people involved, especially if it’s someone else’s life.

Our platform’s dynamics are such that people reach out to us with stories they’d like us to share. We have to emphasize that we don’t give them access to just share but do it ourselves after vetting the narratives. Nonetheless, we accept stories from anyone anywhere as long as it’s original and not falsified only to make it sound nicer.

As we mentioned on us About Us page, this platform is not for profit. It’s also not a media outlet; thus, we don’t charge people for sharing their stories. Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried about how much you need to pay to get your voice heard or your narrative shared. However, there are certain conditions, and ultimately, the choice of putting on the platform is our team’s to make.

We often see biographies written by people other than the primary subject of the book. Hence, we see it as one such situation. Howbeit, you must know the person well enough to give an authentic and unbiased account of the story. That’s because we make it a point of duty not to share information that’s questionable or that other people can’t corroborate.

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