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Off-Road Travel Tips to Enhance Your Next Outdoor Adventure - Rick's Travel and Biographies

Off-Road Travel Tips to Enhance Your Next Outdoor Adventure


If you enjoy off-road adventures, you’re one of the true enthusiasts that all-terrain vehicle manufacturers strive to keep satisfied. Auto industry officials have long reported that only around 10 percent of off-road vehicle owners ever actually go off-road. When you have such a powerful vehicle at your disposal, there’s almost no end to the possibilities of places you can see and enjoy. However, when you put yourself in such an isolated position, it’s important that you travel prepared. Self-sufficiency is crucial in the event you find yourself at the mercy of Mother Nature, and there are some off-road travel tips to enhance your next outdoor adventure and make the trip safer for all.

LED Light Bars

led-1223945_640Let’s face it. Off-road driving often involves navigating through previously uncharted territory, and this can prove to be dangerous. To add to dangers of the unknown, you can quickly find yourself in a compromised position when you get stuck driving after sundown. Not only can it be impossible to find help, but dangerous nocturnal animals begin to come out from hiding to embark on their nightly feeding routines.

In order to give yourself the upper hand during nighttime off-road driving, consider the installation of Cree LED light bars. These quality products provide an added level of illumination your headlights alone can’t provide, increasing your visibility as well as making it easier to be seen on and off the road.

Practice Reading the Terrain

solitude-1756736_640When it’s able to be done with accuracy, making predictions is a great way to avoid problems and make the best decisions. This certainly holds true when it comes to off-road driving. You just never know what lies ahead. However, you can learn to read the various types of terrain you’ll face. For example, by looking far into the horizon, you may notice a point where the trail seems to disappear. In this case, you would likely do yourself well to prepare for a downhill slope. If you have a hill to climb, look ahead and map out a direct path you’ll take considering potential hindrances such as rocks that could pose dangers.

Decrease Your Tire Pressure

car-932455_640When you decrease your tire pressure, you can increase traction in most off-road scenarios, and this can enhance the quality of your road trip and overall safety. It’s pretty easy to understand why this is so. Consider when your tire drives over a large rock. The added space allowed in the tire when pressure is decreased allows it to more easily envelope the rock and smoothly drive the vehicle over it. Rock climbing vehicles can operate optimally with as little as 8 psi of pressure. However, it is important to remain cautious. Lowered tire pressure can cause the bead to pop off your rims, in which event you’d be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire. It’s important to speak with a trusted automotive professional before applying a lower tire pressure for off-road driving.

Making Every Weekend One to Remember

The current average cost for a domestic airline ticket is $379, and this doesn’t even begin to include the many other expenses involved with typical vacationing. You also have to consider the time taken off work, responsibilities neglected, and the growing number of things you’ll need to catch up on when you get home. However, when you utilize your ability to go off-road, you can make every weekend one to remember at a price you can afford and be back to work Monday feeling rejuvenated. By following these helpful tips, you can be on your way to finding optimal enjoyment on your next outdoor adventure.


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